by Basil Benton

Paul Nehlen is running against House Speaker Paul Ryan for his seat in Wisconsin’s first district this year. Mr. Nehlen has also been rather busy becoming the state’s most notorious citizen. It seems Dr. Kevin MacDonald and ghost of Pepe are going to help him attempt both these goals.

Accomplishing either is however unlikely. Remember, Wisconsin is also home to such pantomime villains as Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, Joe McCarthy and SPLC favorite, and “Ole’ MacDonald” himself, whom Nehlen has just anointed his Spox.

The silver-lining is that Mr. Nehlen has openly endorsed a pro-white platform that the Alt-Right also espouses, and is setting a template for a new kind of politician—unashamedly pro-White and pro-Christian—that we are likely to see a lot more of in the future.

Unfortunately, he has taken to controversy and trolling anti-White Jews—and British "royalty"—with such zeal, that the good doctor may have to place Nehlen in restraints lest his spleen burst.

On Twitter, from which he was summarily banned for the above comment on recent archaeological findings, he told Ari Cohn to let Jesus "fill a Jesus-shaped hole" inside of him, as you do, and tweeted "the goyim know,” which is all fine and dandy, but not when you’re running for Congress, surely?!

However, when populist ressentiment is exasperated by cautious liberal cowardice and political correctness, the whims of public (and private opinion) can be highly unpredictable.

It is anyone’s guess if enough registered Republicans will succumb to the refreshing allurement of Mr. Nehlen’s charm to make this worthwhile. After all, the presumption of conventional wisdom has become a contrarian indicator of late, as the election of Trump demonstrates.

Nehlen's opponent NeverTrumper Ryan all but announced that he would not seek re-election last year, but the Grand Ole Party kicked him back into the ring, while denouncing Nehlen as persona non grata. Alec Zimmerman, state GOP spokesman, said, “Nehlen and his ideas have no place in the Republican Party.”

The Atlantic Monthly calls Mr. Nehlen a “clown.” Now where have I heard that before?

I still don’t think he can win, but the political template he is setting, definitely has a much brighter future.


  1. Initially, I supported Paul Nehlen - that is, until I found out he's married to a beaner. That's when my support-o-meter dropped to zero. The guy's another racemixing John Derbyshire. So I'm gonna pass.

  2. Aw, be nice! Don't you like fish tacos?

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  4. http://www.newsweek.com/alt-rights-first-real-political-candidate-went-too-far-right-even-many-white-843664