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Being a European nationalist party means having to deal with the constant threat of being called a "racist." The best way to cope with this slur is to use a little "cognitive dissonance" and have one or two "based" Black members so that the Left's accusations simply look stupid.

This is what Matteo Salvini's Lega party did, and it is probably one of the reasons why they were the biggest winner in last Sunday's Italian election, with Salvini likely to become the country's next Prime Minister with the support of other Right-wing parties.

Instead of driving away Italian voters with hardline racial purism that could easily be attacked as "Hitlerian," the Lega had an ace up its sleeve in the person of Toni Iwobi, who became Italy's first Black senator in the election. Yes, that's right, the Lega, which is routinely called a "fascist, Neo-Nazi" party in the hysterical Anglosphere media, is behind Italy's first Black senator.

As reported by The Local:
Iwobi, 62, was born in Nigeria and came to Italy on a student visa some 40 years ago, before going on to marry an Italian woman and start his own IT company here. Before running for senator he represented the League as a municipal councillor in Spirano back in the 1990s, and more recently headed Salvini's national committee on immigration.

In that capacity, he helped write the League's anti-migration platform, in which it proposed among other things to make it easier to deport migrants, to use economic incentives to get countries to agree to repatriate their nationals from Italy, to refuse to take in migrants rescued by NGOs from the Mediterranean, to renegotiate EU agreements that oblige Italy to house migrants that arrive here while their application to stay is processed, to threaten withdrawal of the right to seek asylum or benefits if migrants commit a crime or break the rules of the reception centre where they're housed, and to stiffen existing requirements for the children of immigrants applying for citizenship to include a test on Italian "language, culture and traditions".
A lot of American Alt-Rightes will have a problem with this, but, as proved by the results, this is how you win, and winning is how you get what you actually want.

Wow, Iwobi even campaigned under the slogan "Stop Invasion."
"Iwobi says his concern isn't just for Italians but for migrants, who the League claims it prefers to help "in their own home" rather than in Italy – though its "Italians First" programme contains few proposals for international development aid."
Fucking based, man!

Italy's first Black senator Iwobi and Italy's next Prime Minister, Matteo Salvini.
He even stood up for fellow party member Attilio Fontana, who caused a stir by saying that immigration to Italy threatened the survival of "our white race." Nice!

This probably helped Fontana gain a few more points, but it was hardly crucial as he won the vote to become president of Lombardy by a 20% margin.

The fact of the matter is that most Italians actually like diversity, but they certainly don't want to be the diversity. i.e. the minority.

That's why they voted in large numbers for Matteo Salvini's Lega party and other groups, like the Five Star Movement, that oppose mass immigration but with a human face.

Once again, that is how you win in politics, something that the still extremely young and naive American Alt-Right movement has to learn.


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