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The results of the Italian general election are rolling in, and the latest projections show a massive swing to the Right as well as to the anti-political populist 5 Star Movement. What this essentially means is that Italy has been saved from the Third World doormat policies of the globalist Left that have allowed in hundreds of thousands of African and Muslim migrants into Europe, causing social chaos and pushing up crime rates.

While the election will result in a hung parliament, the two rising forces are both strongly anti-immigrant.

The main winner will be the Right-wing coalition which is projected to take 259 seats in Italy's 630-seat lower house. 

This breaks down as 123 seats for Lega and 32 seats for the Brothers of Italy, both nationalist parties that are routinely described as "fascist" in the hysterical Anglosphere media. 

There are also 99 seats for the center-right anti-immigrant Forza Italia of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, as well as a handful of seats for other Centre-Right parties. The Right wind did particularly well in the North and Centre of the country.

Italian politics made easy.
The anti-political populist 5 Star Movement also did well, improving on its breakthrough performance in the 2013 election when it mainly took votes from the Right. This time it seems to have taken votes mainly from the Left, and looks set to gain 231 seats in the lower house. They did particularly well in the South of the country.

Meanwhile the Left, hamstrung by an extremely unpopular immigration policy, saw its biggest political defeat since Mussolini seized power in 1922 and had them all locked up. It slumped from 345 seats in 2013 to a projected 128 this time. This breaks down as 105 seats for the Democratic Party, 15 for the Free and Equal Party, and 8 seats for the Leftist dregs. 

In the last two years, every major European country has undergone a political earthquake -- in 2016 the UK saw Brexit, in 2017 Macron became President of France in a desperate attempt to forestall the Front National, while in Germany the Alternative for Germany party saw the return of nationalists as a major force in the German parliament. Now, with this election, Italy has confirmed that the old cosy globalist arrangements have come undone.


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